Studi Built Buildings

Rent to Own or Buy outright

Styles: Barn, Lofted Barn, Utility Shed, Garden Shed, Cottage, Cabin, Garage

Treated lumber Buildings

8x10 Barn $1180.00 RTO $57.91/month

10X16 Lofted Barn $2395.00 RTO: $117.53/month

12X16 Lofted Barn $3120.00 RTO: $153.11/month

10X16 Cottage Two windows $2515.00 RTO: $123.42/month

10X12 Garden Shed Door on side $1840.00 RTO: $90.30/month

8X12 Lofted Barn $1645.00 RTO: $80.73/month

10X12 Utility $1790.00

RTO: $87.84/month

8X12 Cabin $1590.00 RTO: $78.03/month

No credit checks

other sizes available

Beginning with an 8X8 to a 12X30


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